TSGB02 GPS Music Speedometer

Hot Selling Point :

1. Stereo HI-FI speaker;
2. Auto Music Volume setting while Speed changing
2. MP3/Bluetooth player selection
3. Hand-free phone
5. Online GPS tracking
6. Electronic compass
7. Remote Disable motor function
8. Receive and showing e-Message on the LCD
9. Time, Date and Alarm clock function
10. Real time ambient temperature detection
11. Real time altitude detection
12. Remote e-bike diagnosis
13. Local diagnosis show on LCD
14. Check latitude and longitude on LCD
15. Touch keyboard instead of traditional mechanical keyboard to extend service life of the keyboard and good waterproof;
16. Trip Riding time and History Riding time report
17. Trip Odometer and History Odometer report
18. Max speed and average speed report
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Product Description

Novel GPS Music Electric Bike Computer Speedometer with Remote Diagnosis

( Model : TSGB02)
(2 years warranty   * High Quality  * Factory price )

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Are you still troubled for Lockdown Business affected by Epidemic ?
According to statistics, Recently Bicycles/Electric Bicycle are very popular.It can solve people travel problemI and avoid using public transportation to spread virus.
Luckily,our company has developed New Stereo Bluetooth Speaker ,which can be used for Bicycles/Electric bicycle,even as a Personal GPS tracker.
TSGB02 Speed Meter  :  Stereo Speaker  + GPS tracker + LCD Display
TSGB02 Odometer is integrated GPS trakcer ,LCD Display and stereo speaker ,Can play HiFi Music via MP3 or Connect Smartphone Bluetooth,Real time GPS tracking ;Detect Battery Capacity, Ambient Temperature,Compass,Altitude,Speed,GSM Signal,GPS Tracking Platform Online Status,Satellite Number,Mileage,Time,Alarm Clock etc useful information.

It is Multifunctional and Use Flexible device,believe this new product will help you open a new market and win more business.


Key Features:
1. Stereo HI-FI speaker
2. MP3/Bluetooth player selection
3. Hand-free phone
5. Online GPS tracking
6. Electronic compass
7. Remote Disable motor function
8. Receive and showing e-Message on the LCD
9. Time, Date and Alarm clock function
10. Real time ambient temperature detection
11. Real time altitude detection
12. Remote e-bike diagnosis
13. Local diagnosis show on LCD
14. Check latitude and longitude on LCD
15. Touch keyboard instead of traditional mechanical keyboard to extend service life of the keyboard and good waterproof;
16. Trip Riding time and History Riding time report
17. Trip Odometer and History Odometer report
18. Max speed and average speed repor

Specification :

Brand Topshine
Model TSGB02
Customizable YES
Voltage 5V
Current 30mA
Shutdown leakage current Less 1uA
working temperature Less 30ºC
range of best working temperature -20ºC ~ 70ºC
Data refresh rate 1s


Ebike 11




We provide you Free GPS Tracking System to use ,Welcome to login our GPS Tracking Platform to experience the function .

Web base :www.track-car.com
Mobile Phone: www.track-car.com/M
User name: ebike
Password: 123

Web base gps tracking platform

GPS tracking platform

Android APP GPS tracking platform


Our advantage
* Provide 2 free Tracking Platfrom (web base & Android APP) lifelong. No any monthly or yearly charge.
* 2 years warranty
* All of our products have CE & RoHS & SGS certification
* Supply OEM&ODM service.
* Our engineer team could customize your personality tracking platform
* Professioal R&D team provide Customization and after-sale service lifelong .
* 100% made of industrial-grade component,GSM module have certified(CE2200)and with legal IMEI code.




Payment Term: PayPal /western union /TT
Shipping Term: DHL /Fedex /TNT /ARAMEX/EMX
Lead time: Samples within 1 days of delivery.bulk production within 5-7days of delivery.


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