What Makes Topshine Bike Smart
Topshine integrates the world’s newest technologies on the smart bike development.

All in One smart E bike: New concept 4th category intelligent electric assistant bicycle!

  Topshine smart bicycle combines the advantages of ordinary bicycle, power-assisted bike and electric motorcycle, which is different from all bikes in the market. With this product, you can easily occupy the market without price war.

Main Technologies:

1. Adaptive Inertial Cruise Technology
  The system will remember current pedaling speed, when stopping pedaling, the bike will keep going with the last pedaling speed. And it will adjust the speed according to the roads. This technology makes the riding more safe and give you a feeling "sliding slope" always.

2. Flexible Power-assisted Technology
  The system can synchronize the cycling, and generate comfort and safe power assistance. You can pedal few but ride fast.

3. Smart Uphill Boost Technology
  The system can identify the gradient changes intelligently, and adjust the output assistant power.

4. GPS chip inbuilt in the motor controller
  2 in 1 motor controller. The smallest size motor controller in the market (9*5*2.8cm)
  You can check anytime anywhere to find out where you bike is on the map.
  Riding routine history checking
  Anti theft

5. Folding frame and other all kinds available frames in the market with our unique motor controller.
  It will make your riding amazing and cooler!

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